• Sun Yat-Sen Business School has received considerable benefits from the good foundation laid by the Sun Yat-Sen University, whose values "Study Broadly, Enquire Solicitously, Think Critically, Discern Judiciously, and Act Prudently" represent positive attitudes, offering an upward momentum, while the University's anthem has inspired a lot of people, and made them feel proud. After generations' sustained efforts, the Business School,Sun Yat-sen University now provides a broad range of programs in disciplines of business administration and accounting, and has quite many outstanding faculties, helping thousands of students have their ideas developed, found and fulfilled.
  • Over thirty years, Business School,Sun Yat-sen University has developed training plans diversified and internationalized for students by absorbing excellent educational philosophies around the globe. In the Sun Yat-Sen University's efforts to a world leading university, the remarkable achievements of the Business School's faculties and students have played a great part in the efforts. The School will continue to provide assistance to China's transformation and globalization, and the increasingly deeper economic co-operation in the world.
  • With a global view, the Business School,Sun Yat-sen University, deeply shaped by Chinese culture, will make efforts to integrate technological innovation and management reform, and train management professionals of creativity and social responsibility for the business circle as its aim is to develop itself to China's Whampoa Military Academy in business world, enriching students by providing a flourishing learning environment and integrating Chinese and Western management wisdom, grounded in integrity, innovation and social responsibility, and that build itself a renowned international business school.
  • Being broad-minded, we are willing to make efforts with others to support the development of Business School,Sun Yat-sen University and China's sustainable economic growth for further success.