The Fifth Conference on Network Governance and Business Model Innovation Was Successfully Held in Our School

From May 25th to May 26th, 2018, the Fifth Conference on Network Governance and Business Model Innovation” sponsored by Sun Yat-sen University and Network Governance Commission of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration and undertaken by Sun Yat-sen Business School was successfully held in the South Campus of Sun Yat-sen University. The theme of this conference was “Network Governance: Collaborative Innovation and Management Transformation”, 13 field experts and representatives of business circles had been invited and about 180 representatives had been attracted, which set a new record in the number of participants.


Professor Fu Zhengping of Business School presided over the opening ceremony of the conference, and Qi Xiaoping, the secretary of the party committee of Business School, delivered the welcome speech. Secretary Qi summarized the school-running characteristic and purpose of “taking morality as the first, learning as the top, and love as the root” from the history of Sun Yat-sen Business School, expressed the warm welcome to the guests attending the conference, and hoped to strengthen the learning and communication with our fraternal colleges and make common progress and common development through this conference. 

Professor Li Weian, the specially invited guest and the president of Tianjin University of Finance Economics, delivered the keynote speech entitled “The New Trend from Corporate Governance to Network Governance”, he highlighted the theoretical development, characteristics, core, and law of network governance, put forward the future research under the background of the coming of the network self organization era, and pointed out that the study of network governance is a long way to go. Professor Li Xinchun of our school delivered the keynote speech entitled Global Competition and Innovation Network Governance of Digital Economy”, expounded the competition between great powers for the industrial leading position under the digital economy, analyzed the competitiveness of digital economy and industrial leading ability based on the competition model in traditional industries and emphasized the importance of innovative network governance in it, and also pointed out that China had the advantages of great powers, but there were still problems in the innovation system. 

Professor Zhao Jianliang from City University of Hong Kong, also the lecture professor of Changjinag Scholars of the Ministry of Education, Professor Peng Zhengyin, the president of the Business School of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, Professor Yang Huixin, the president of the School of Management, Shandong University, Professor Cai Ning and the director of the Institute of Government and Enterprise of Zhejiang University, Professor Luo Min, the director of the Institute of Enterprise Management, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Professor Sun Guoqiang from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, Professor Dang Xinghua from Xi'an University of Technology, Professor Lin Runhui, the vice president of the Business School of Nankai University, Dr. Yang Fan, the general counsel of China Life Group, and Chen Xinle, the general manager of Meicloud Intelligent Cloud Business Department, were invited to deliver keynote speech at the conference.     

There were also 4 venues arranged for this academic conference, and 60 representatives and experts from various colleges and universities across the country conducted in-depth discussion on the cutting-edge research of organizational innovation and network governance based on the 4 themes: “E-commerce platform and business model innovation”, Enterprise strategic network, Technological innovation network, and Social network and social governance.

More than 70 related conference papers were included in the conference, and finally, 8 excellent papers were selected out by the conference experts. Professor Peng Zhengyin, the president of the Business School of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, presided over the awarding ceremony of excellent papers, and the guests presented the certificate for the winning authors and took photos with them.

The First Conference on Network Governance and Business Model Innovation was launched and held in Tianjin University of Finance and Economics in 2014, the second conference was held in Shanxi University of Finance and Economics in 2015, the third conference was held in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 2016, and the fourth conference was held in Tianjin University of Finance and Economics in 2017, its scale was expanded year by year, and it became the platform for expert peers and young scholars to carry out cooperative research and academic exchange. The sixth conference will be held in Shandong University in 2019.


List of winning papers: 

Title of excellent paper


Author’s  unit

Analysis research situation of innovative network governance based on citespace

Xu Rui, Gu Xin, and Wang Tao

Sichuan University

Simulation study on the value evolution of innovative ecosystem based on knowledge flow

Wang Li and You Zhujun

Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

Research on the identity evolution of alliance business organization from the perspective of role and status--- empirical analysis based on Chinese venture capital syndicate 

Wang Xi, Fu Zhengping, and Lin Chenyu

Sun Yat-sen University

Research on the relationship between organizational redundancy and enterprise innovation investment--- example based on the panel data of private listed companies in China 

Li Tingting, Xu Xiangyi, Wu Haoyu, and Li Yutong

Shandong University

Complexity analysis and governance research on China’s Internet Financial Ecosystem 

Liang Lijun, and Wei Lingwei

Beijing Information Science and Technology University and Renmin University of China

Research on Influencing Factors of collaborative innovation performance of universities and scientific research institutes---based on the perspective of social network 

Chang Lu, Wang Xuli, and Fu Zhengping

Sun Yat-sen University

Research on the internal mechanism of business mode innovation of the enterprises in e-commerce platform--- case study based on Jingdong

Li Zhaohong and Wang Xiaoyan

Southwest Forestry University

Research on driving factors of business model innovation for platform-based enterprises based on the grounded theory 

Gao Suying, Ma Xiaohui, Zhang Ye, and Xuan Xiaoyue

Hebei University of Technology