The 327th Lecture on Management and Economics of Our Business School Given by Professor Chen Weizheng from Business School of Sichuan University

On May 23rd, 2018, the 327th Lecture on Management and Economics of Our Business School was successfully held at Shansi Hall M527. Chen Weizheng, the professor of Business School of Sichuan University and the academic leader of Sichuan Province, brought a wonderful report entitled Where Should Labor Contract Law go--- Qualitative Research on the Disputes over Legislation and Law Revision to the teachers and students in our school, expounded the disputes over the Labor Contract Law and put forward relevant suggestions. Professor Sun Haifa in our school presided over the lecture, and some teachers, master and doctoral students in our school had attended this lecture.

In his lecture, he mainly shared Where Should Labor Contract Law go--- Qualitative Research on the Disputes over Legislation and Law Revision. He first introduced how to collect and sort out nearly 300 articles related to the Labor Contract Law in the past 10 years. By summarizing and coding the views in these articles, he found that current scholars paid more attention to the protection of laborers when analyzing labor contract, and they failed to pay enough attention to the protection of enterprise’s legal rights. Next, he analyzed the contradictions in labor law and labor contract law through example, as well as the contradictions between legal provisions and enterprise’s complex practice situations, and put forward systematic and pertinent opinions and suggestions for the legal problems in labor relations. After the report, Professor Chen also enthusiastically answered the questions from doctoral students. Finally, Professor Sun Haifa gave a summary of Professor Chen’s lecture, and expressed his thanks to Professor Chen for sharing how to confirm a meaningful and valuable research direction for China’s management practice and social economy from the perspective of combining enterprise practice and law, and he hoped that students could have chance to continue to exchange and study with Professor Chen. 

Guest profile:

Professor Chen Weizheng is the doctoral supervisor of the Enterprise Organization and Human Resource Management of the Business School, Sichuan University, the academic leader of Sichuan Province, and the founding member of International Association for Chinese Management Research, and he is also the earliest scholar who returns from North American business schools after China’s reform and opening up. After returning to China, he has launched a number of state, ministry and natural science fund programs in the aspect of property rights reform and human resource management on the basis of Chinas management practice and using the principle of Management. The main part-time jobs of Professor Chen Weizheng in the past: the consultancy of the Sichuan Government Advisory Group on Science and Technology, the guest researcher of Asia Research Center, York University, Canada, the guest professor of China MBA Teaching Point, University of Wales Newport, UK, the guest professor of China MBA Teaching Point, National Graduate School of Management, Australian National University, the guest professor of Ericsson (China) Academy, and the guest professor of the EMBA Program of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shandong University and Dalian University of Technology, etc.