Academic | Learning by Travel: Knowledge Rotation in Unusual Environment 

On May 28th, 2018, The 330th Lecture on Management and Economics of Business School and the 116th Academic Lecture of “Marketing Vision” sponsored by the Research Team of “Chinese Marketing Innovation” were held at the Puihua Conference Room of Business School. Professor Bai Changhong, the president of the Business School of Nankai University, was the keynote speaker, and his theme was “Learning by Travel: Knowledge Rotation in Uncustomary Environment”. Professor Wang Haizhong, the academic leader of Research Team of “Chinese Marketing Innovation”, presided over the lecture.



The picture was Professor Bai Changhong, the president of the Business School of Nankai University 

Taking the article Learning by Travel: Theory Review and Research Agenda he recently published in Nankai Business Review as the starting point, Professor Bai Changhong delivered his speech from three aspects: learning by travel, learning in unusual environment, and knowledge rotation.

Professor Bai Changhong pointed out that the current era was full of changes, progress, positive energy and challenges, the knowledge society had gradually formed, and the lifelong learning of managers had become the universal concept, and all circles in the society were thinking about the new connotation of learning. Learning not only occurred in classroom, but also in daily situation. Unusual environment often can promote extra knowledge, strengthen and extend the original knowledge. 

He believed that the study of learning by travel had revealed the knowledge rotation generated by the interaction between managers and environment, locals, companions and strangers in the context of travel, and knowledge resonance, co-creation and integration formed among individuals, organizations and local society, which had positive significance on individuals, organizations and society. In the context of learning by travel, he explored the transformation or promotion of management knowledge in unusual environment, explored the unique value of unusual environment for knowledge management and knowledge innovation, and also explored the conditions for knowledge rotation in different social subjects.

As the chief editor of Nankai Business Review, Professor Bai Changhong also introduced the purpose, service objects and operation mechanism of this journal to the present students and students from two perspectives: journal selection and working mechanism. He also expounded two special columns: “The Theme of the Times, the New Change in Practice and “Manage New Problem, Study New Direction”. 

Finally, the present teachers and students conducted a heated discussion with Professor Bai Changhong on the lecture theme by combining their own relevant research experience, they especially further the discussion on the positive impact of knowledge rotation on individuals and organizations, and launched an in-depth discussion on how to combine future research direction with marketing research. This academic feast brought by Professor Bai Changhong had provided good advice and guidance for the present teachers and students in how to “find a breakthrough in the study of real problem”, and had further expanded their research vision and research thought. 


Lecture guest profile 

Bai Changhong is a professor and doctoral supervisor, and he is also the member of the Academic Committee of Nankai University and the president of Business School and Distance Learning and Continuing Education School. His main research field: tourism marketing, brand management, service marketing, and digital education, etc. He has ever been the vice president of All-China Students’ Federation, the assistant of the Mayor of Lijiang municipal government (temporary), the vice president of Business College, the president of the School of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University, the general manager of state-owned enterprise, and the chief representative of foreign enterprise.

Profile of the Research Team of “Chinese Marketing Innovation”

This lecture is sponsored by the Research Team of “Chinese Marketing Innovation”, Sun Yat-sen University. This team faces the forefront of international theories, closely follows the needs of national strategy, and forms the following stable research directions: brand management, consuming behavior, marketing strategy, and service marketing, etc; and the team’s research results has been published in the famous academic journals at home and abroad, such as Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Information System Research, Journal of Service Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Management World, and Journal of Management Sciences in China, etc.