Dream to Enter University Trip to Business School | Notice of the First Summer Camp of Sun Yat-sen Business School for Outstanding High School Students in 2018

Summer comes in a flash, and the students of Senior Two are going to finish 2/3 of their high school life and stepping into Senior Three, which is full of challenges. This summer vacation is a key transition period for the younger students, so how should they spend it effectively? Sun Yat-sen Business School sends you the invitation for summer study trip.

Sun Yat-sen Business School was founded in 1985, it is the earliest institution specialized in the education and research on business administration in China, it is in the first class among domestic business schools, and it enjoys its reputations both at home and abroad. The business administration discipline of Business School is selected by the Ministry of Education as “double first-class” key discipline and A+ discipline, ranks first in the country (with other disciplines), and it is the only discipline among top 1% disciplines in Guangdong. Our Business School also has received three major international certifications of business school and mutually recognized credits with a large number of international top business schools, and multiple master programs are among the world’s top 100. Adhering to Sun Yat-sen Universitys purpose of cultivating the talents with political integrity and professional competence, leadership qualities, and family-country emotion, Business School is committed to cultivating international and innovative business elites adapting to the new era. Since its establishment, it has delivered a large number of talents to the academic circles, business circles and political circles, and it also has made important contributions to national development and social transformation. 


In the scorching summer 

Countdown of the school entrance examination comes quietly

The students of Senior Two will also usher in the final year for sprint before the examination 

How to make good use of the summer vacation 

How to experience college life in advance

How to set a clear goal for the college entrance examination

And how to add the motivation for learning 

Ranking first in business administration discipline (with others)

Sun Yat-sen Business School is waiting for you

The First Summer Camp of Sun Yat-sen Business School for Outstanding High School Students in 2018 

Is recruiting 80-100 students of Senior Two from key senior high schools

The Kangle Park of Sun Yat-sen University with a hundred years’ history

The wonderful lectures of famous professors

The business classes full of useful knowledge

And the students in Sun Yat-sen University will have a close contact with you

Come and join us!


1. Overview of the activity


July 20th to July 23rd, 2018


South Campus, Guangzhou Campus, Sun Yat-sen University

Summer camp member:

80-100 students of Senior Two from key senior high schools in Guangdong Province and Jiangsu Province 

Lodging place:

The hotel 50 m near the North Gate of South Campus, Guangzhou Campus, Sun Yat-sen University 


The students successfully joining the summer camp

Accept the unified arrangement of Sun Yat-sen Business School

The accommodation during the summer camp is undertaken by Sun Yat-sen Business School 


Bear the round 

Tickets to Guangzhou (second-class seat of high-speed rail, hard seat of train, car)

Get subsidy with tickets

Special activities:

Professor’s lecture, quality course, and teacher-student communication 

Registration place:

Shanheng Hall of Business School, South Campus, Guangzhou Campus, Sun Yat-sen University 

No. 135, Xingang West Road, Guangzhou City

Registration time:

    9:00-11:30, July 20th 

2. Contents

To make the students have a happy and full life in these three days, we have designed the following special activities: special lecture, teacher-student communication, and case show, etc.

One sentence lets you to experience the above activities in advance:

Special lecture:

Brand course for business management and accounting  

Popular professor of Sun Yat-sen University

First experience in university, zero distance from professor 


Teacher-student communication

Face-to-face communication, zero-distance consulting

In-depth analysis, Q&A (Question and Answer)

The most valuable development proposal


Case show

Taste the characteristics of business school and students' demeanor

Appreciate the business school’s characteristics and students’ elegant demeanor

Set good examples, continue to move forward


3. Specific schedule 

Specific schedule of the summer camp:



Three days of college life

Having a full and happy holiday while studying 

Are you tempted?

In next September

Meet in the Huangpu Military Academy in business circles

Let dreams fly together

For application, please click: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Q19CNRkwTOEcndUHfBoQKg 

After filling in the application form, please submit it to the public mailbox: sysbs_bkzxt@163.com 

After successful sending, you will receive an automatic reply.

Deadline for application: June 17th, 2018 

Business School will organize experts to conduct comprehensive review on students’ application materials and determine the list of the students entering the camp, and it will also release the list on the official website of Business School and WeChat official account “Business School Recruitment” before June 30.