Good News | The Youth League Committee of Our School Was Awarded A Number of Honors, such as “the Advanced Youth League Committee”

To commend the outstanding representatives emerging in the work of the Communist Youth League of the whole school and set good example, the schools Youth League Committee carried out the annual assessment and commendation work in the Communist Youth League System of the whole school during the “May 4th” period in 2018 to commend the advanced collectives and individuals for their outstanding performance and achievements in the past year. In the Communist Youth League May 4th Assessment and Commendation, the Youth League Committee of our school obtained excellent results, among which the Youth League Committee of our school won the honorary title “the advanced Youth League Committee” and Teacher Shuirong won the honorary title “the Best 10 Secretaries of Youth League Committee”.

Taking talent training as the goal, adhering to the school motto of “study extensively, inquire prudently, think carefully, distinguish clearly, and practice earnestly”, and combining the policy to cultivate the talents with “political integrity and professional competence, leadership qualities, and family-country emotion, the Youth League Committee of our school carries forward the realistic and pragmatic style of the Communist Youth League, unremittingly lays stress on grassroots construction, constantly innovates the form of student activities, improves the cadre training system, and provides a full range of extracurricular activities for every student in Business School and a grassroots working platform for every league committee cadre to improve their abilities, promote their qualities, and achieve their ambitions. 


Review the past 


Adhere to two major ideological fronts 

That the Youth League Committee of our school takes the two major brand activities of schools party school and 100 songs to praise China as the ideological fronts has highlighted the distinctive features of the times, which has strong brand influence. The training class of party spirit education for student backbones and the Vitality at the grassroots level” defense have assisted in the ideological construction.




Assist in three major extracurricular activities 

Our school carries out student work around three aspects: academic cultivation, public welfare practice and vocational development. 

In the aspect of academic cultivation, relying on the strong alumni and talent resources of the school, Huangpu Growth Plan has adopted the academic research cultivation mechanism integrating finance, manpower, system and logistics, and it has focused on instilling knowledge to students. In the aspect of public welfare practice, students abroad entering primary school and volunteer activities of Canton Fair have become normalized and institutionalized, and the school has organized and implemented the summer social practice activities of “visit enterprises and take confidence bridge” to provide suggestions on the development of enterprises with multiple teams.

In the aspect of vocational development, the Youth League Committee of our school has actively promoted the Huangpu Boya Plan, carried out the activities and lectures related to career development, and formed a “four in one” career development platform to provide lifelong career guidance for business school students, which strongly promotes students’ understanding of vocation and society. 


Award-winning information of our school in the “2017-2018 Communist Youth League Assessment and Commendation” is as follows:

Outstanding League Members in Sun Yat-sen University:

Bi Zilan, Cai Wenpei, Chen Jianliang, Chen Ziye, Cheng Mohan, Chi Linqiao, Dang Cong, Di Shiting, Du Ning, Fu Shuran, Gao Siyi, He Jiayi, He Songru, Hou Xinying, Hou Zhe, Huang Lewei, Huang Siyue, Jiang Jingyuan, Lai Yijie, Li Meiyao, Li Yifei, Li Yiqing, Li Yucheng, Li Xiaofan, Liang Jiaming, Lin Jialing, Lin Mujin, Liu Huashu, Liu Jiaxi, Luo Ting, Ma Xuhui, Ma Yingfang, Qin Haoyuan, Qin Shihan, Song Ziyi, Sun Meng, Sun Qiran, Sun Weijian, Sun Zaoning, Tan Jiaqi, Tang Liyi, Tang Xiang, Wang Kun, Wang Xinyi, Wang Xinyu, Wen Jie, Wu Siyu, Wu Yue, Wu Zhihao, Wu Shijian, Xiao Jingyuan, Xu Fengyun, Xu Ying, Xu Huanzhang, Xu Yanxin, Zhang Anping, Zhang Han, Zhang Yunpeng, Zhang Ziqi, Zhen Jie, Zhu Jingxin, and Zhu Yilong 


Outstanding League Cadres in Sun Yat-sen University:

Bai Tianyu, Chen Kaining, Ding Jingyun, Gao Ya, Lin Chuyao, Liu Han, Wang Jingfei, Wang Yudan, and Zhang Qingyang;


The Best 100 League Secretaries in Sun Yat-sen University:

Chen Rui, Chen Yuru, Liu Yu, and Zhang Yilan;


May 4th Red-flag League Branches in Sun Yat-sen University:

The Youth League Branch of 2016 Administrative Class 3, 2016 Administrative Class 6, 2016 Administrative Class 7, 2017 Accounting Class 1, and 2017 Accounting Class 2


Advanced Youth League Committee (Youth League General Branch) in Sun Yat-sen University:

The Youth League Committee of Business of School


The Best 10 Secretaries of Youth League Committee (Youth League General Branch) in Sun Yat-sen University:

Mao Shuirong 


Look forward to the future 


Finally, thank the school’s Youth League Committee for supporting and recommending our schools Youth League Committee, thank the schools Party Committee for strongly supporting the work of Youth League Committee and student activities, and thank the Youth League Committee for instructing teachers and student cadres. It is the efforts of the members of Youth League Committee that make our league committee move forward more firmly.  

Looking forward to the future, we will keep pace with the times, and continue to innovate and achieve excellent results!