(February 15, 2018) New Year’s Greeting of SYSBS: A New Year Coming in the Flourishing Age, Making Concerted Efforts to Compose A Gorgeous Chapter

The Rooster year passes away with a success, and the Dog year sends Spring. In this New Year’s Eve and this great moment of discarding old and bringing in new, we, on behalf of the School, convey the most sincere festival greetings and New Year wishes for the teachers, students, staff members and employees, retired comrades, alumni and partners at home and abroad, as well as all parts of society who care and support development of SYSBS of Sun Yat-Sen University for a long time!


Stick to the original heart as time goes by. This year is a productive year. We have pleasure and are full of pride when looking back the past 365 days at the beginning of the year.


SYSBS carefully learns and implements the thoughts with Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping in the new era, spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and spirit of the 13th congress of party representatives under the firm leadership of our party committee, does well in construction of grass-roots party organizations, gives full play to the party branch as battle fortress, and lead the party members to constantly cultivate their Party spirit and play an exemplary vanguard role.


As the most desirable Business School in South China, we saw another batch of young students in the last year; at the same time, there were eight young talents joining SYSBS.


SYSBS made remarkable achievements in discipline construction and rankings at home and abroad in the last year. The business administration discipline was included in the list of "Double First-Class" recommended by Ministry of Education in 2017, got the best performance of shared first place (A +)  in the recently announced fourth round national discipline assessment, was ranked the top 1% in Soft Science 2017 "Best Discipline Ranking in China" and became the only discipline to enter 1% in Guangdong Province. Management Science and Engineering Discipline was ranked top 5% of Soft Science 2017 "Best Discipline Ranking in China". The Institute of Advanced Finance in the charge of SYSBS entered into the“National Core Think Tank” appraised and elected by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The first batch of undergraduate business administration passed the undergraduate professional certification of the Ministry of Education.


Over the past year, the international influence of SYSBS was significantly improved with obtaining EQUIS full recertification for five years, the MBA ranked 87th in The Economist in the world, and it became the only domestic MBA program that jumped into the top 100 of 2016 and 2017. The master of science in management program ranked 28th in The Economist for master of management in the world. Two young alumni who had just graduated entered to “A List of 30 Asian Leaders under 30” of Forbes (Public welfare/social entrepreneurship).


Over the past year, the quality and quantity of SYSBS scientific research results have both been improved rapidly. The number of scientific research projects and funds again reached a record high which ranked first in national natural science foundation in division of management with the grants occupying over 60% of total grants for arts department of Sun Yat-Sen University. A total of 70 scientific projects was organized to be approved throughout the year, including 51 longitudinal projects and 19 horizontal cooperation projects. The grants for the funding project were 26,560,000 yuan. Wherein, there were 23 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China with funds reaching 18,670,000 yuan, which was 3.7 times of 2016. We have made historic breakthroughs in landmark scientific research projects and have won national natural science fund for creative research groups projects and major projects as well as major projects of national social science foundation. The faculty and students published 222 academic papers in total, including 39 published on first-class periodicals at home and abroad in business administration and management science and engineering, and 73 Grade A papers at school. A total of 22 publications were made, which was twice greater than that of 2016. SYSBS had a total of 16 people received reward and honor from different organizations; Professor Li Xinchun was elected as the 3rd batch of national “Ten Thousand Talent Program” leading talent and famous cultural figure, i.e. “Four Batches” talents (theoretical cycle).


In the past year, SYSBS actively docked with key national strategies and demands for economic and social development of Guangdong, and provided intellectual and technological support to promote national and regional economic and social development. Five policies and suggestions have been approved by the leader above the provincial and ministerial level. SYSBS organized 3 international academic conferences, 7 domestic academic conferences, and nearly 100 various academic conferences and special lectures.


Over the past year, SYSBS has strengthened moral education for talent training, constantly improved the major and course system, with increasingly obvious features, and greatly improved the entrance requirements for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs; in addition, SYSBS won the first prize for higher education teaching achievements in Guangdong Province, and the first prize at the youth teacher teaching contest of Sun Yat-Sen University.


Over the past year, SYSBS has strengthened the contact with alumni from everywhere, established the EMBA alumni council, held two courses of training class for alumni Huangpu backbones, strengthened the building of alumni exchange platform, implemented the alumni ecosystem which taking knowledge as the link, alumni as the base, and SYSBS platform as the foundation.


In the past year, SYSBS has always put the implementation of social responsibility as one of the major tasks of its business school and actively promoted scientific government decision-making and the economic development of the state and the local. The fortune forum was the key work of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City in 2017. The two professors from SYSBS were invited by Guangzhou Municipal Government to serve as adviser of the fortune forum and chairman of branch fortune forum. In 2017, SYSBS set up a high-end public welfare forum of "Power Treasure, Innovative China", and volunteered to carry out business-featured patriotic education of the new era for the government, enterprises and social people. SYSBS actively promoted "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" national strategy, and cooperated with Human Resources and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province and Guangdong Disabled Persons' Federation and other agencies to provide entrepreneurs with consulting services and quality improvement service. SYSBS gathered the strength of the entire school, took the task of targeted poverty alleviation in Fengqing County, Yunnan Province and the task of counterpart support for Jishou University in Hunan Province, made important contributions for the economic development and education promotion of Fengqing County, discipline construction and teachers training of Jishou University.


SYSBS has made great achievements in the previous year and would make still further progress in the new year. New starting point, new dream, new pursuit, new hope. SYSBS would not forget its mission. It will forge ahead, strive for greater progress and breakthrough, re-write a chapter of happiness living up to the ear in the path of building socialist innovative high-quality business school with Chinese characteristics and world-class business administration discipline!


Thank you for your attention, support and accompanying us.

I wish you a good health and a happy family in the New Year. Everything goes well with your work and may all go well with you.


Wang Fan, Dean of SYSBS, Qi Xiaoping, Secretary of the Party Committee         

February 15,2018