Three Projects of SYSBS Were Approved by the National Social Science Fund Special Project on the “Research and Interpretation of the Spirit of the 19th NCCPC”

On February 22, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science officially released the list of approved National Social Science Fund Special Projects on the Research and Interpretation of the Spirit of the 19th NCCPC, and a total of six projects of Sun Yat-Sen University were approved, ranking second among universities in the whole country.


Among them, three projects of SYSBS were approved, accounting for half of all the project number of Sun Yat-Sen University, respectively are: “Deepening and Innovation Research on the Institutionalization of Honesty Construction in the New Era” by Professor Lin Bin as the chief expert, “Research on System Innovation and Implementation Path of Free Trade Port ‘1+N’ Model with Chinese Characteristics” by Professor Fu Pingzheng as the chief expert, and “Research on a Sound Financial Coordination and Supervision System: Based on the Perspective of Systemic Financial Risk Prevention”
by Professor Li Guangzhong as the chief expert.

National Social Science Fund Special Projects on the Research and Interpretation of the Spirit of the 19th NCCPC is regarded as a major project of national social science fund. It aims to center on the theme of adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, further study the prospective, comprehensive and strategic questions put forward at the 19th NCCPC, vigorously promote the theoretical innovation based on practice, and emphatically introduce magnificent achievements with theoretical persuasion, practical guiding significance and decision reference, to better serve the overall work of the Party and the country.

In recent years, SYSBS has attached great importance to declare national social science fund, focus on pre-service cultivation, actively organize mobilization and strengthen subject selection recommendation; therefore, the number of approved national social science fund increases year by year and the overall discipline construction level and scientific research ability have a constant improvement.


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