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    Introduction to The “Quarterly Journal of Management”

    The “Quarterly Journal of Management” (QJM) aims to create a first-class academic journals in the fields of strategic and entrepreneurial innovation and organizational management. It has a professional and international team of editorial board, and follows a rigorous double anonymous review process. The field editors and reviewers review the manuscripts with a constructive and professional academic attitude and help the authors improve. And the review process is fast and efficient. The second co-editors are Zhang Yuli (Nankai University), Li Haiyang (Rice University, international editor) and Jiang Runtian (Shanghai Jiao...MORE >>

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    China Journal of Accounting Research

    1.The Overview of the journal:

    China Journal of Accounting Research (CJAR, Chinese: 中国会计学刊, ISSN: 1755-3091) is the first international English academic journal specialized in publishing Chinese accounting research. It was co-founded abroad in 2008 by Sun Yat-sen University and City University of Hong Kong, published by Elsevier - the world's largest publisher of scientific literature, and operated in accordance with the international publication mode. The editors-in-chief of the journal are professor Jong Bon Kim of City University of Hong Kong and professor Wei Minghai of Sun Yat-sen University. Since 2012, CJAR has officially developed as a quarterly...MORE>>