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Central Government of the People’s Republic of China recognizes a list of National Key Disciplines as being imperative to national development. In creating the key disciplines list, the Government first identifies academic disciplines that are slated as keys to national development. This follows a routine but thorough scrutiny of the quality of research and educational output of institutions to be considered for the conferment of designation as National Key Discipline or National Discipline for a specific discipline. While the former title indicates that the conferred institute is in the elite class, the latter title signifies that the conferred institute is ranked a tier lower than the National Key Discipline class. For instance, SYSU has been conferred two National Key Disciplines – one for Biology in the School of Life Sciences, and one for Business Administration in SYSBS, and has been conferred a National Discipline for Management Sciences in SYSBS. 

As bearers of the title of National Key Discipline for Business Administration and National Discipline for Management Sciences, it is fundamental to our branding and development that SYSBS remains firmly on the path dedicated to establishing excellence in business management education, research, and practice by producing new knowledge and innovation.