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Established in 1985, Sun Yat-sen Business School (SYSBS) was instituted to offer a broad range of business degree programs. With the generous endowment of HK$20 million from the Ho's Education Foundation (its chairman at the time, the late Mr. Ho Sin Hang, was chairman of Hong Kong's Hang Seng Bank), SYSBS became the first business school in China to be instituted by an overseas foundation, and one of the first schools to be engaged in business education in Mainland China. Since its inception, SYSBS has not only continually received the support of the Ho's Education Foundation, but it has also attracted donations from other noted overseas foundations such as the Fok Ying Tung Foundation, the Peihua Foundation, and the Xiangjiang Foundation.

Today, SYSBS is regarded as a leading business education institution, with both the "211" and "985" quality marks, and is one of the four prestigious institutions throughout China to be conferred the National Key Discipline for Business Administration and the National Discipline for Management Science. Accordingly, SYSBS functions in tandem with the University's charter as well as with a series of the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) and government-mandated education standards, procedures, regulations, and expectations. In 2013, SYSBS was named the second-ranked university business administration program in the list of top universities just released by the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC). The CDGDC, a qualifications verification program under the direction of the MOE, evaluates 391 Chinese universities and research institutions by discipline, in order to provide objective comparative information to students, parents, and communities. In 2012, China's MOE appointed SYSBS as one of fifteen pilot schools.

SYSBS has a number of building complexes that support teaching, administration and research. For example, Scienscope Hall is used predominantly for the MBA programs, Tsun Wen Tong Hall is used predominantly for the EDP programs.

The school is divided into six departments – businesss administration, accounting, marketing, finance and investment, hospitality and service management, and management science, with a combined total of 109 full-time faculty members, 46 professors, 50 associate professors, and 13 assistant professors. SYSBS currently offers bachelor's degrees in business administration and management science, academic master's degrees in business and management, professional master's degrees (MBA, EMBA, MPAcc, MF, MAud, etc.), and doctoral degrees in business and management.

Over the course of the School's development, SYSBS has taken pride in its mission – to enrich our students by providing a flourishing learning environment and by integrating into the programs both Chinese and Western management wisdom, grounded in integrity, innovation and social responsibility.