Executive Development Programs


Executive Education

As a non-degree program, Executive Education (EE)is designed to meet the needs of senior management for self-improvement. Business School,Sun Yat-sen University EE Center is a core part of Sun Yat-Sen University, one of the fourteen bases that are jointly identified by the Organization Department of the CPC and the Ministry of Education for official training schemes. With academic strengths of the Sun Yat-Sen University and the Business School,Sun Yat-sen University, a life-long learning platform for top management has been established. Since 1998, the EE Center has launched over 5000 training programs for more than 200,000 trainees. Every year, 25,000 executives from government agencies, non-profit institutions, and companies participate in the EE programs. In 2015, Business School,Sun Yat-sen University's EDP program joined the Executive Education Ranking for the first time, and was ranked as Global Top 100 EDP by Financial Times (FT), taking a leading position in China.