Key Figures



The Business School,Sun Yat-sen University has expanded along with the progress of reform and opening-up to the outside world. Since its founding in 1985, great efforts have been made to support national major policies and economic and social development, with which a leading management discipline, characterized by a combination of "domestic conditions, cultural integration, and social services", has been established, which includes two level-1 disciplines (Business Administration, and Management Science and Engineering). The discipline of Business Administration has been approved to be a national key discipline in level-1 in 2007, and tied for number one in the fourth round of national evaluation for disciplines in 2017, representing a new high for the Business School,Sun Yat-sen University.
With efforts of thirty years, the Business School has achieved great success: rights to confer nine doctoral degrees, nine research master's degrees, and five professional master's degrees; the completion of a series of ministerial and provincial quality projects, national, ministerial, and provincial fine courses; a national teaching award, and six provincial teaching awards.


Academic staffs have been encouraged to conduct leading research and collective research as high priority has been attached to the academic team by the Business School. With a change of research mode shifting to team-oriented from individual-oriented, researches are conducted under team work so that the resources can be input to strategic fields and topics of strengths and great potentials.
The Business School has six research teams as follows:
"Strategy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship" Team leader: Li Xinchun
"The Innovation of Accounting Management" Team leader: Tan Jinsong
"Innovative Marketing in China" Team leader: Wang Haizhong
"Corporate Finance and Financial Decisions" Team leader: Li Guangzhong
"Innovative team in internet management" Team leader: Xie Kang
"Resources allocation for financial services and risk management" Team leader: Li Zhongfei


By December, 2017, 200 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and 100-plus projects from the Ministries of the State Council have been undertaken by Business School,Sun Yat-sen University which takes charge of the following projects: 1 National Natural Science Foundation innovation research group project, 7 key projects of NSFC, 4 major projects and 6 key projects of the National Social Science Fund, and has obtained 2 philosophy and social science research projects of the Ministry of Education, and 2 projects of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars.
In recent years, the School has been responsible for an annual average of 16 projects of NSFC, 2 projects of the National Social Science Foundation of China, and 2 humanities and social science projects of the Ministry of Education.




Business School,Sun Yat-sen University comprises of 104 academic staff, in the prime of life, with high academic levels and considerable influences amongst whom there are 47 professors, 62 PhD supervisors, and 48 associate professors. Besides, some of them have received top honors: there is one expert of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, the Organization Department of the CPC; there are two professors of the Cheung Kong Scholars Programme, and another one is a Chair professor of that Programme; two have received financial support from the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars; one is a member of the New Century Talents Project, and eight of New Century Excellent Talents; seven people have received the special allowances of the State Council, and a person Fudan Management Excellence Award. High priority has been attached to the academic team by the Business School as it attracts leading academic figures through inviting overseas scholars and sending its own staff abroad. In the School, 97 percent of academic staffs hold PhD degrees, and have experience in overseas lectures, research, and further studies, some of whom hold PhD degrees of Cornell University, Humboldt University, Tsukuba University, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Since 2000, 60 prominent economists, management scientists, and entrepreneurs have been hired as adjunct or visiting professors. Yearly, almost 200 senior managers of well-known firms are invited to share with students their experience in career development as career coaches.


Business School,Sun Yat-sen University has launched academic journals such as Quarterly Journal of Management, China Journal of Accounting Research, and Frontiers of Finance in which the original and review papers are published, covering all fields of economics and management including management and finance so that the School 's goals can be achieved that the improvement of academic influence, the absorption of management expertise and advanced experience of international firms, and frequent academic exchanges between scholars at home and abroad.